About Us

Global LinQ is a global network in which anyone who wants to make a positive contribution can go to a better world.

Globalization can be much more than the image that is currently being created by a constant flow of information that encourages a global exchange of ideas, feelings and thoughts. It is this exchange that Global LinQ wants to contribute, wants to be a link.

The rationale of Global LinQ is that every human being to come into contact with can bring his fellow man something positive: In order to give shape to get in touch with others and partly because of its own initiative, it's not about the contradictions with which we daily the world are facing, but what binds people. People can meet to develop initiatives to support projects or just for a chat or boundless music.


  • A global reservoir communication and unlimited music building and an attitude of give and take propagate.
  • Create global channels for mutual communication, exchange and services.
  • Bring social movements in balance, support and bringing the dialogue back on global peace.
  • Build a bridge between different cultures.

One is the remedy for the other ..... is an African proverb. How to find the other and how do you find him or her? Global LinQ makes that possible.
Find each other through international music or network and then develop a vision of the world. Global LinQ wants to build a bridge between different cultures. bring in all kinds positivity and consolidation differences.