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This site opens up to any visitor who wants to initiate an idea for a project. You can find the link you need to support you in contributing to a better world. Sharing (is softer)/Exchanging feelings, Human as a remedy for Human, is what we tried to express on this site. On top we organise ever year Music Rally’s with as central message: World Peace, according to our goal to build bridges between cultures : in our view the ultimate Chance/Medium to spread our message about World Peace. We are convinced that by gathering people a Global vision on world issues has the right to exist and to join and maintain Global LinQ means to consent/agree with the first organisation in the world (the first from the People, by the people, for the People) who wishes Peace for every heart and human. From the first minutes onward of Global-LinQ developing, there is a movement of linking and multiplying going on, many people are active and the forces do unite every day more and more. We are building your World, any suggestions, ideas or corrections are welcome. Your help is not about money, but that 1% can help because we do believe that everyone have at least one procent of positivity the world can use. Regards Global LinQ