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 Rapha Pico
(Proposed for the Reggae Rally 2016)

Global Reggae for Unity

 Digital Pre-release Immigrant

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Digital pre-release of the first Irie Souljah album, ImmigrantImmigrant, the first Irie Souljah solo album, will be released at the end of November, but you can already enjoy the digital pre-release on and, besides Amazon and iTunes in a few days.The album includes ten unpublished tracks and three dub versions, written and produced by the Spanish artist settled in Jamaica since 2014, and it is dedicated to all people who in certain way did have to leave their country looking for a better life, economically or spiritually, and specially to all africans who struggle so hard to cross the

Morgan Herritage Wins First Reggae Grammy Award



Today/Soundtrack made by Gentleman alongside Tamika, Ivy Quainoo, Onejiru, Ebony J and Silly Walks Discotheque for “Ethiopia Calling” documentary. The 90-minutes film will be premiered on June 15th at EinsPlus at 8.15 pm (Germany).

The music and the video was recorded and filmed 100% in Ethiopia, and all the funds from sales will go to support Viva Con Agua and Gemeinsam für Afrika NGOs.