Our Projects

Due to the large amount of project we have cathegorized them into four main groups. We'll explain a bit more about each group and how to LinQ up when you visit one of the groups below.




Global Health


  • Partners in Health
  • Mobile Program for Consultation & Vaccination
  • Online Bibliotheque
  • Rotterdam Havens University/ Schools
  • World Health Organisations


 Global Construction


Thanks to Global-LinQ each year a caravan (?) will be launched to transmit the message of peace.

This years trail starts in the town of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, passes through Belgium, France, Spain, Maroc, Mauritania to finish in Senegal.

Musicians are travelling with this caravan, in each country added by new ones, who will transmit the message of peace. During the concerts youngsters in those countries can find each other in dialogue.

By this music the message will sound even stronger and the enthusiasm and sensitivity for peace and solidarity will grow amongst the locals, most certain where they move into the frontlines (?).

The caravan will leave from Amsterdam on the 9 th of December 2016 in Amsterdam towards Belgium and probably arrive in Senegal around  december 23 th in Saint-Louis (Senegal) and activities from de 25 th till 31 in Dakar Capital of Senegal.