Building of catamarans

This is the presentation I made so far, speaking in general terms about the advantages of the fast building method that I invented.

In it, I first show how the 'traditional' construction process takes place. For that purpose I made the first 2 'slides' tonight.
What i wanted to make people understand with these 2 slides is this: building a 22 meter aluminium catamaran is a hell of a job! Building in this traditional way takes at least 6 months for building the frame and then at least 3 months for 'sheeting' the frame with aluminium sheets. The reason: welding is very time consuming! Welding effects the smoothness of the surface of the aluminium, which requires - at least on the exterior - sandpapering several times and then filling, sandpapering and priming before you can paint the boat. Then you can start isolating it, building the interiors, equipping it, etc. All in all I estimate that the building time for such a cat is at least around 24 months.

My innovative building system drastically reduces that time. The presentation will show you why. And - when building takes place in by a cooperation in the third world - it also shows where and how the profits can be spent.

Please provide me with constructive feedback. If you see any mistakes or when you have suggestions, don't hesitate to lovingly rub that under my nose.

One more serious request: please treat this information with integrity.

Thank you.